September 21, 2019
1 Year, 3 months and 30 days left
until our reunion.
Welcome Lutheran High School
Class of 1969!

We are getting ready for our 50th class reunion in 2019
Our years at LHS are uniquely ours. Or maybe…Our years at LHS were unique.
Whether we were extroverts or introverts…
Whether we enjoyed LHS or “endured” LHS…
Whether we lived close to the school or commuted long distances…
Whether we were scientists or mathematicians, artists or musicians,
athletes or authors,
or learned foreign languages well…
We shared life together for four years.
We are a product of “the ‘60s” and now we are in our sixties! 
This is our “go to site” for everything reunion related. We'll update this site- especially as we get details finalized and get closer to the date.

How you can help today:
1. Register on this site with your updated information. (Go to Message Board)
2. Go to the "POLL LINK" and fill out the 30 second survey (on the left menu)
3.  "HELP US FIND" emails of classmates (on the left menu)
4.  Tell a Friend (see below)

4.  Contact Us: Colleen, Lita, Laura Novak, Jan Stuewe or
               the Message BOARD on this website IF:
      - You know of a great place to have the reunion
- somewhere between Santa Barbara and San Diego?  
      - You are in a position to offer your home for one of the events?                        - You would like to serve on a committee or help in some way
                    -  You have reunion ideas
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